November 16, 2020

Children 👫 have wild, insatiable, and unquenchable imaginations. That’s part of the reason why they love storytime 📖.
The problem is, parents 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦sometimes don’t have time to read to kids because sometimes life gets in the way. They get busy and start coming up with excuses not to read to the kids.

If for some reason you don’t have the time to read them an entire story, you can watch the “Fairy tales” program in “Bolajon” channel in national television 📺. The founder of Star Kids Elementary School 🏫 Gulshan Omonova 👩🏻 reads stories in English and it’s very good opportunity for children who are trying to learn foreign language or interested in it.
Also, it’s pretty amazing 👍 how simple illustrations and stories can increase children’s passion in books, stories and learning new language.
Star Kids Elementary School is proud that it has its own library 📚, fairytale books for good quality story time with children. Reading and story times are especially organised every day to promote good reading habits and the love for the books.

So, what are the real benefits of story time 🤔?

✅ It helps parents to spend more time with the kids.
✅ It helps kids to discover the value of books and stories.
✅ Nurtures child’s creativity and sparks their imagination.
✅ Helps to increase child’s curiosity.
✅ Adds to child’s social and communication skills.
✅ It helps to develop child’s early literacy skills.
✅ Teaches child to sit still.
✅ It helps child distinguish between reality and fantasy.
✅ It helps them understand how to deal with change and frightening events.

Reasons are many and above 👆points are proof that this tradition should be passed on from one generation to the next. And this is why you, parents 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 should make storytime an essential part of your kids’ growth process.