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  • Welcome to Star Kids International

    Star Kids International is an elementary school, and early childhood centre
    • Speaking only English

      Personalized individual development based on each child’s ability to effectively communicate in English.

    • Small class groups

      Small groups of children: 10-12 per class, 5-6 children per teacher allow an individual approach.

    • Interactive clubs

      After-school activities : Music club , Dance club, Karate club, Art and craft clubs.

    • Comfortable location

      StarKids is located in the center of city part Tashkent, with convenient access and parking places.

  • Are you looking for a early childhood centre or nursery that gives you a feeling of security, which provides more than just the “attending” of your child?

    • Star Kids International is an English learning early childhood centre, which helps you to understand your child’s needs.

    • We focus on the development of children’s talents and skills from as early as 3 years of age.

    Dear Parents, For those of you who have a child entering the preschool system for the first time, get ready! You will be amazed at the level of growth and learning that takes place.

    • We are excited about our strong preschool team. We have a great group of talented teachers with qualities that complement and bring out the best in one other.

    • We will work methodically to see that each child receives the greatest benefits possible from our educational program.

  • Our Classes

  • The whole program takes place in playful way, such as reading of books, description of pictures, listening to music, singing and dancing, painting, etc., so that children will not have any difficulties to learn a foreign language without being aware of it.

    • Rainbows
      Class name
      • 3-5
        Year olds
      • 10-12
        Class size
    • Starlights
      Class name
      • 5-7
        Year olds
      • 10-12
        Class size
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