• Frequently asked questions

    When can a child start attending your centre?

    We accept children from the age of 36 months.

    Which is the best time to start learning English?

    The simple rule is “the sooner – the better”. Many scientific studies agree that the optimum age is approx. 2 years.

    Won't it be stressful for the child to start without any knowledge of English?

    Definitely not. Children at this early age approach a foreign language completely differently than older children. Within the adaptation process, verbal indication represents only approximately 20% to 30% of overall communication (depending on the child’s age). Other components of non-verbal communication, such as context, gesticulation, mimics, but also friends, enable kids to observe or anticipate situations. Of course, this process is also supported by fully qualified and experienced teachers. The adaptation process takes several days or weeks. We approach every new child with the utmost care and help him or her to fully integrate into the Early childhood centre’s environment.

    Should I talk to my child in English at home or prepare in another way?

    It is better to talk to your child in your native language or if you are profficient in the English language then this is also advantageous. Rest assured our pedagogues will support and improve the way your child expresses him or herself in a foreign language.

    Can my child attend your early childhood centre less frequently than 5 times a week?

    Yes, it is possible for your child to attend the early childhood centre less than 5 times per week. But the effective learning of habits, information intake, and especially foreign language knowledge requires attendance of 4-5 days a week.

    How are children allocated to their classes?

    Based on age and knowledge, children are allocated into 3 – 4 classes.

    A teacher has responsibility for how many kids?

    In our centre a teacher has responsibility for 8-10 kids. At our early childhood centre we care about safety and an individual, kind approach. For this very reason, each class has 2 teachers, as well as part-time assistants.

    Do you accept children during the course of a year?

    Yes we accept children throughout the calendar year, provided we have free places. If the classes are full, we will offer an alternative solution or place the child on the waiting list. The capacity of our ECC for September of any given year is usually filled as soon as January to March, so we recommend that all interested families reserve a place in good time. Be sure to check our special offer, providing clients who make early bookings with bonus conditions.

    Why should a child learn a foreign language in early life?

    • A bilingual preparation positively affects intellectual development, enhancing a child’s mental development
    • Children show a more flexible way of thinking, are more sensitive to language communication and have better comprehension capabilities
    • Through the knowledge of a foreign language, they will better understand their native language
    • The child will be able to communicate with people it would otherwise have little opportunity to get to know
    • The knowledge of another language is a gateway to various cultures, helping a child to understand and appreciate people from other nations
    • Such child is significantly ahead of the language requirements at secondary schools and universities
    • Good foreign language skills significantly improve future job market chances