All about me and my family

October 07, 2015

We began September with an “ALL ABOUT ME AND MY FAMILY” unit. This was a great way for our new children to get acquainted with each other! They learned about their similarities and differences; they made self-portraits with art materials. Kids had fun introducing themselves and sharing their age, name, pets, favorite foods and colors, and more.
They have learned more about families this week: Who are the people in their family? What are their names? The children used crayons and art materials to create their family trees and to make their very own “All about Me” project as well. We also asked children to bring a picture of their family to class and to share about their family.
During Show and Tell, each child shares own favorite toy or small thing which makes it special for him/her. They ask questions like “Who gave it to you?”“What color is it?” “Where did you get it?” and “Why it is special for you?”etc.

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