October 07, 2020

Thoughts 🤷‍♀ about the beginning of the school year make parents worry or even startle. Nowadays parents think about the choice of school🏢 two or three years ahead. Some of them try to choose preparatory courses📝 and then think about future school 📔, others prefer choosing co-educational establishments with both kindergarten 🤸‍♂and school facilities 📚.
If you have only one school for several districts, then your choice is obvious. However, when you are standing in front of plenty of choices, the choice becomes crucial.
The educational basis laid down in primary school will largely determine academic performance at further stages of education 📈. And here it is important to understand whether the school directs attention only to mastering the material or attention is also paid to the development of critical thinking 🧮. Unfortunately, at present in elementary schools, in many cases, we observe the following picture: almost everyone can solve problems using templates 🖊, but few can find non-standard ways to solve them 🔍. And it is these students who will in the future receive a colossal advantage over their peers in the competition for places in best schools and universities🏆.
Therefore, StarKids team 🌠 tries to help children think “out of the box” , not to be afraid of expressing their own opinion🙇‍♀, develops them comprehensively😊, fosters their ability of thinking logically, seeing the problem from different perspectives🕵‍♀. For that purpose we create games, quizzes, puzzles in colorful form, solve entertaining and a bit challenging tasks, have exciting reading materials📖. We do not want our little students to be burdened with extraneous information📋 and get tired from doing homework👦👧. We want them to get pleasure from study☺️ and see how their reasoning and communication skills are developed.

If you would like to know more about our work, our program, we will be happy to see you and answer your questions👩‍🏫. Our address is: RAKATBOSHI 5, 10/3